Joy Declare creates a uniquely measurable & quantifiable public relations strategy for your organization.

Our Approach

PR is the most trusted way to speak with your audience, but the most difficult to connect to measurable results. In every other area of a business, budgets are routinely analyzed to identify what’s working and, equally important, what’s not. Let’s turn the spotlight on PR.

Joy Declare provides a data-centric analysis of your earned media strategy so you can confidently tie press coverage to business impact.

We start by getting to the heart of why you are investing in PR and outlining what goals will align with that vision of success. Then, we pull the data. Insights emerge as we transform the numbers into usable information for your PR strategy.

The modern PR report delivered at the end of our work measures how your press efforts impact website traffic, SEO, conversions, and sales.

Want us to implement the next phase of your strategy? We would love to.

how we do it


  • Monthly & Quarterly Reports: Know where you stand throughout the year.

  • Year-Over-Year Benchmarking Reports: Understand how your press performed against an ever-shifting media conversation.

  • Revenue-Influenced-by-PR Reporting: Discover which articles draw your ultimate audience - the customer.

  • Industry Media Analysis: Pinpoint where the media conversation is in your industry, who the major players are, and areas of opportunity to raise your profile.

  • Competitive Analysis: Identify who your brand is up against and what your competitors are talking about.


  • Media Relations: Strategically approach the right reporters at the right time with the right pitch.

  • Awards: Elevate your brand with the credibility only industry recognition can bring.

  • Thought Leadership: Create an effective and engaging content marketing strategy using bylines, speaking opportunities, influencers, and more.

  • Audience Messaging: Develop the right voices to reach your target audiences, from prospects to customers to investors.

  • Target Media Lists: Profile the most influential journalists in your space and create an engagement strategy.